A Clear Roadmap Designed to Help You Grow

Let’s create an actionable marketing plan, based on real data and best practices, so you can reliably increase student sign-ups and retention.  

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Get clarity on what's working and what's not

Identify your biggest growth opportunities

Have a clear plan for what to do next

Your camps & classes are incredible but you’re in over your head when it comes to marketing.

Through sheer force of will, personal effort, and good instincts about what kids and parents want, you have managed to create a program that is beloved by your local community and earns enough to keep the lights on.

You could be making more money if you had more control over how quickly you attract new students and when they sign up. But you’re never sure what to focus on … 

You CAN create a reliable marketing strategy that will give you more control over your enrollment.

But first, you need to understand what’s working with your current marketing, what’s not, and what to do about it.

Robin is warm, friendly and so knowledgeable! He has shared so much information and I know that I will be able to grow my afterschool program more by following his tried-and-true methods! Thanks for your time Robin! I highly recommend him!!!!!
Robin took extra time and care to “audit” some recent e-newsletters and offer some helpful tips moving forward. He also had some great advice about frequency / content of my newsletters- something that all business owners can likely benefit from. Clearly cares about his clients!

Get Actionable Insights That You Can Use Immediately to Improve Your Marketing

You’re too busy managing teachers, answering parent questions, and creating lesson plans to learn digital marketing from scratch. 

You need to track marketing metrics, create spreadsheets, and make calculations (ew). And THEN you need to know how to interpret those numbers and use them to make decisions. It’s all terribly unsexy.

Your time is better spent running an incredible program, hiring good teachers, and creating meaningful relationships with the parents and children who walk through your doors.

Let us help you with the first part, so you can focus on the second and way more important, part.

Use the following code to get 50% off when you sign up before August 1st: Fall500 

3 easy steps to creating your growth plan:

1. Onboarding Call

After you sign up, we'll start with an initial onboarding call where we'll create a picture of your existing program structure, marketing efforts, and growth goals.

2. Marketing Audit

After you facilitate access to the software and systems we need, we'll clean and organize your marketing data and compare it to your program structure to identify what's working and where the short and long-term opportunities are.

3. Growth Plan

Using insights from industry best practices and your own data, we’ll give you a short-term plan for capturing immediate opportunities as well as a roadmap for improving performance over multiple semesters.

If you wish your marketing and enrollment was more reliable and you're struggling to see a way forward, let's talk!

Robin and his team have been integral in helping us maintain a regular marketing schedule while planning for the busy season and helping us expand into a new city. They’ve also helped us automate multiple daily tasks, grow our email list, and stay on top of new clients. Would highly recommend Grow My Program to any business, small or large!
They’re called “Grow My Program” for a great reason… They actually grew my program like for real!! And I’ve only been working with them for 6 months. To be honest, my business ideas/instincts are pretty good (or so I thought), but Robin’s are next level. Never in a million years would I have thought of the things he suggested on my own. I’m so happy to have found “Grow my Program”! Highly recommend.

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