Sawyer and Mailchimp: How to Export and Email Your Contacts

How to Mail a Specific Segment of Your Sawyer Audience

As an after-school program provider, you may send out periodic newsletters to all your students. Most of the time, you may find that the message you are sending is for everyone in your audience.

However, sometimes you want to send an email to a very specific group of students. Perhaps everyone who’s currently registered at your program or everyone who’s currently registered for a specific class.

This guide walks you through all the steps you need to go through in order to make that

STEP 1: Exporting your list from Sawyer

Click on ‘Custom’

Click on ‘New Report’

Select the following conditions to generate your custom report:

I want a list of ‘Orders’

AND That were for these ‘Schedules’

Select the semesters you’d like to pull the report from

[Optional] If you’d like to pull a specific class (or classes) from a given semester, add the following:

AND That were for these ‘Activities’

STEP 2: Importing the CSV file into your Email Service Provider

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume you’re using Mailchimp.

Under the ‘Audience’ Tab, click ‘All Contacts’

Click on ‘Add Contacts’ and select ‘Import Contacts’

Select ‘Upload a File’

Select the CSV file generated from your HiSawyer report

Select the Status ‘Subscribed’ and check the box ‘Update my existing contacts

Click ‘Continue to Tag’

[Important] Create a tag that represents your audience. The tag format we use
would have your tag look something like the following: 03. Client | [Name of the
semester and/or class]

Write that into the box labeled ‘Search for or create tags’ and click ‘Create
Click the button ‘Continue to Match’

[Important] Make sure the fields provided by Mailchimp match the fields in the
CSV file:

NOTE: Only import the information that is important. This is definitely
‘Name’, ‘Email’, and possibly ‘Birthday’ and ‘Phone Number’

Name should match ‘Name’
Email should match ‘Email’
Etc …

Click the button ‘Finalize Import’

Wait for Mailchimp to finish importing

STEP 3: Sending an email to this segment

Once you’ve designed your email and it’s ready to send, follow the following steps:

In the ‘To’ section, click ‘Add Recipients’

Select your audience then click the box under ‘Recipients’

In the dropdown menu, select the tag you just created. This will ensure the email is only sent to the group of contacts you just exported from HiSawyer

Email if you have any questions about the above!

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