We partner with you to ensure your after-school programs succeed & grow.

Our mission is to help after-school programs implement simple, proven, digital marketing strategies so they can save time and money and reach more families.

All your communications handled, for better results —from day one.

Grow My Program is a quirky team of former program operators and marketers, passionate about expanding the reach of high-quality enrichment programs, and promoting curiosity, creativity, and play.

Our goal is to ensure your programs are always full, freeing you to focus on your students.

Attract New Students and Keep Current Students Coming Back

We create targeted marketing campaigns tailored to your program and target audience to attract new students. By understanding your unique needs and goals, we create marketing materials that truly resonate with prospective students.

We also focus on retaining existing students through regular email communication, special promotions, and personalized incentives to help sell out programs in advance.

By making it easy and enticing for students to sign up, we assist in filling your classes and achieving your goals.

Why Us

We take a different approach than other marketing companies out there.

Our clients love working with us because we’re …

After School Aficionados

We focus exclusively on the after-school industry, which means we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of marketing to parents, retaining students, and attracting new ones.

Experienced in Program Management

Our team has firsthand experience running after-school programs, so we know the challenges of managing staff, classes, events, and parents' requests. This experience informs our strategies and ensures we deliver practical solutions.

Collaborative Partners

We see our clients as partners, not just customers. We work closely with you to understand your goals, values, and unique offerings. This approach ensures that our marketing efforts are aligned with your program's mission and vision.

Super Communicators

We believe in open and honest communication. We provide regular progress reports, share insights and data, and constantly seek feedback from our clients so we can improve our services. We’re always happy to explain our thinking, our processes, and give our clients a look under to hood!

Meet The Team

We work hard for your success

Robin Friend Stift


Robin created Grow My Program because he loves enrichment programs and wants to see the industry thrive!

With over a decade of experience as a program operator and educator, and more than seven years of experience in digital marketing, he has successfully developed new programs and marketing initiatives for dozens of after-school programs, schools, non-profits, and online learning companies.

Robin is excited to experience enrichment programs from a new perspective as he enrolls his own real, human, child in the future.

He loves connecting with after-school providers and encourages you to reach out for marketing advice anytime, without any obligations!

Bojana Celic

Email Campaign Manager

A mother of two, Bojana has that special gift of taking chaotic and fast-paced situations (like after-school marketing campaigns) and keeping them organized and on track.

In addition to her talent for project management, Bojana is also an accomplished baker who specializes in designing elaborate fondant cakes.

By focusing her talents on cartoon-themed cakes, she’s on the front lines of preventing a dystopian future where cake art has become so realistic that everything you see and touch could unknowingly be cake.

Norah Bianculli

Lead Writer

With a background in writing for education companies, horseback riding, magic the gathering card playing, elaborate home aquarium design, and enthusiastic karaoke performance, Norah is ideally suited to bringing after-school brands to life.

She genuinely wants to attend all the programs she writes about and holds the rest of the team to a higher standard when it comes to embodying our value of ‘play’. If you’ve got a game or creative activity, Norah wants to participate.

Branislav Pop

Head of Delivery

A great lover of nature, the only thing that brings Branislav more joy than fishing is playing video games (especially games where he can fish). He brings a deep knowledge of digital marketing and SEO to the Grow My Program team, along with a passion for organization and project management. 

In an industry that tends to move fast and be a little hectic, Branislav is rigorous when it comes to ensuring things are done properly. He really brings the ‘measure twice, cut once’ mentality to digital marketing. Also, you definitely want him on your trivia team. 

Basically within hours of sending these emails out, we get registrations. Our readers actually think these emails are written directly from our founder. They’ll write back just to thank us and share how excited they are… for whatever we’re promoting! And that makes me feel our emails are engaging, trusted, and it’s working. It’s really nice to have a great marketing partner. I would highly recommend Grow My Program to others.

Take your email marketing to the next level in 3 easy steps:

Here's how we get it off your plate:

1. Book a call and help us get to know your program back to front.

We’ll get to know you and your audience, and start mastering your brand style and tone of voice. We’ll also dig into your HiSawyer and Email Software to clean up and organize your contacts.

2. Have our responsive team handle your emails & promotions.

We’ll work with you to create a promotion strategy that will meet your goals. As soon as that’s done, we’ll start crafting and scheduling emails. Choose to engage in the creative details or just sit back and watch the registrations come in.

3. Grow with confidence and do more of what you love.

Using insights from industry best practices and your own data, we’ll work together to create a growth roadmap that spans multiple semesters.

If you’re ready to free up time & energy and get back to creating fun and engaging programs—let’s talk!

Stop Scrambling to Stay On Top of Your Communications & Marketing


What Our Clients Are Saying

In the past we’ve created these really nice emails and not seen any results even though we put a lot of work into them. Now I see registrations happening basically within an hour of the emails going out and I think that’s due to your creativity, keeping us on task, and actually having a plan for the emails which I think is really important.
Our whole business runs on email and that’s all Robin. He built our lists, writes all our emails, anytime there’s a problem he handles it. That’s the one part of what we do that I really just don’t have to worry about at all.
What’s great about working with Grow My Program is the fact that they know the after school industry, they’re familiar with the tools that we use, and they’re really communicative and collaborative.
I’ve been working with Robin for years and I can’t recommend him enough. He’s the first person I go to if I need help with content or strategy.