We focus on filling your programs, so you can focus on your students.

Grow your after school program by taking your email marketing to the next level — and off your plate.

Attract & Retain
New Students

Past Students

Sell Out Your Programs
in Advance

Are you constantly struggling to stay on top of your promotions & marketing?

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Running or Growing Your Program

Right now you’re doing everything on your own, constantly torn between needing to promote your programs and actually running those programs.

If you want to keep growing, you’re going to have to prioritize marketing at some point. But it can be nigh-on impossible to find the time to get started, let alone stay consistent.

You don’t have to go at it alone. We can take that burden off your plate. 

As your trusted after-school marketing experts, we’ll keep your audience engaged and your classes full. 

Jessica, GM
Acting for Kids and Teens
Alioune, Owner
The New York Society of Play

What we do

Turn your marketing from something that stresses you out into something you’re proud of.

Email Marketing

We take charge of your email by mastering your tone of voice and writing compelling, to-the-point emails that keep your readers engaged, informed, and signing up for new classes, camps, and programs.

Program Management

We work with you to implement a promotion calendar and strategies based on industry best practices so you’re always ahead of the game when it comes to getting your next semester or camp ready.

Messaging Consistency

We keep a close eye on your other marketing materials so your messaging is clear, consistent, and you’re always putting your best foot forward.

Did you know...

Why Us

We take the lead on promoting your programs so you can focus on what you do best.

We get to know you, your program, and your audience really well so all the communications we send feel like they were sent directly from your desk. We make it a breeze for you to collaborate with us. 

Grow My Program is a quirky team of former program operators and marketers, passionate about expanding the reach of high-quality enrichment programs, and promoting curiosity, creativity, and play.

We know how much you care about your program — let us help you make it a success.

We were scrambling to compete with all these other programs and were spending thousands on Facebook Ads and getting no registrations from it. Then Robin swoops in and suggest we try email marketing. He writes and sends a couple of emails for us and fills enough classes that we’re like, ok we have a Spring Semester now!
Our software manager said they would migrate all our contacts over, but we saw all this incorrect information. Grow My Program came in and helped us get everything cleaned up. Having a partner who knows what they’re doing, and can handle the technical side of things is such a relief. We already have enough to focus on over here.

What You Get

Done-For-You Communication Management & Email Marketing

As your proactive communications partner, we work with you to grow your program and make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward. 

Here’s what what you can expect:

We free up your time & energy so you can get back to creating fun and engaging programs kids will love.

If you want to keep your programs heading in the right direction—let’s talk!

It’s not for nothing we have a 100% retention rate.

Here’s our promise to you:

We’re Easy to Work & Collaborate With

We’re super patient and very communicative! As an extension of your team, we’re here to help, whenever you need us!

No Babysitting Required

With years of collective after-school and digital marketing experience, we know what to look for. We’ll only reach out to you when necessary.

Get an Increase in Registrations & Engagement

We’ll prioritize and promote your programs through tried-and-true email marketing frameworks to help your programs sell out.

Work with us and experience the sweet relief of having an expert onboard, supporting the continued growth of your business. 

Our mission is to keep your marketing organized, your job fun, and your time free.

In the past we’ve created these really nice emails and not seen any results even though we put a lot of work into them. Now I see registrations happening basically within an hour of the emails going out and I think that’s due to your creativity, keeping us on task, and actually having a plan for the emails which I think is really important.
Our whole business runs on email and that’s all Robin. He built our lists, writes all our emails, anytime there’s a problem he handles it. That’s the one part of what we do that I really just don’t have to worry about at all.
What’s great about working with Grow My Program is the fact that they know the after school industry, they’re familiar with the tools that we use, and they’re really communicative and collaborative.
I’ve been working with Robin for years and I can’t recommend him enough. He’s the first person I go to if I need help with content or strategy.
Tools We Work With:
Asset 2

Take your email marketing to the next level in 3 easy steps:

Here's how we get it off your plate:

1. Book a call and help us get to know your program back to front.

We’ll get to know you and your audience, and start mastering your brand style and tone of voice. We’ll also dig into your HiSawyer and Email Software to clean up and organize your contacts.

2. Have our responsive team handle your emails & promotions.

We’ll work with you to create a promotion strategy that will meet your goals. As soon as that’s done, we’ll start crafting and scheduling emails. Choose to engage in the creative details or just sit back and watch the registrations come in.

3. Grow with confidence and do more of what you love.

Using insights from industry best practices and your own data, we’ll work together to create a growth roadmap that spans multiple semesters.

If you’re ready to free up time & energy and get back to creating fun and engaging programs—let’s talk!

Stop Scrambling to Stay On Top of Your Communications & Marketing

Grab Our Free Download

9-Point Checklist for Writing Great After-School Emails

Get the checklist PLUS 5 Golden Rules to Follow When Emailing Parents. 

Go through the checklist anytime you’re writing an email to see improved open rates, response rates, and registrations.


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